Rain Water Harvest Solutions

Capturing and reusing rainwater has so many benefits. It's amazing we aren't more aware and conscious of this fantastic resource we have that is left largely untapped. Why should we not treat rainwater as a waste product to be hurried off our property as quickly as possible? The nutrients found in rainwater are extremely beneficial to plants. Next time after a rain, stop and look at your yard. It will have a shine that no amount of irrigating can give it. Also, the toxins that get washed into our waterways from storm water runoff are hugely detrimental to the fragile ecosystems of our streams, rivers and lakes.

By capturing this water, we are doing our environment a huge favour. This water can then be used to top off water features, wash cars, decks, or patios, irrigate lawns and flowerbeds, and can even be used for toilet and laundry supply! Maybe you think we don't get enough rain on average in southern Alberta to be worth capturing, but consider the fact that on an average house roof of 2,000 square feet, a 1 inch rainfall generates a whopping 1,250 gallons of water!