Ecosystem Ponds & Water Gardens

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own little lakeside getaway, where you can escape the stresses life brings, watch the fish swim lazily up to to the edge, and just allow the sound of the water bubbling over the rocks to sooth and relax you? YOU CAN! Our ecosystem ponds turn your dream into a reality. Our ponds work with nature to produce a clean, natural and environmentally friendly ecosystem by following the rules nature follows. A skimmer basket camouflaged at one end of the pond eliminates routine maintenance by skimming debris off the surface of the pond before it can sink to the bottom. The plants in and around the pond not only provide a beautiful and natural looking setting but also help balance the levels in the pond. Fish not only add a great attraction, they help keep unsightly algae growth under control and can be kept year round in your pond. A bio-falls filter provides a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow and also acts as a starting point for a stream that provides great visual and sound effects to your pond, while aerating the water and keeping it fresh.